Hello there. My name is Jen Crane and that is all I will tell you, due to the fact that it is taboo to give away all one's identities in one encounter. It's nice to meet you, I suppose.
Hey! My name's Johnny Crane, 'm seventeen, I dig basketball and I'm the man with the plan. Nice to meet you guys, especially you ladies~
Hi! My name's Emily Nygma, fifteen, and probably the most becoming girl you've seen. Don't let my angel face fool you, however, I am far too intelligent for meaningless nonesense, unless of course it happens to interest me. Charmed to meet you.
Bonjour! Mon nom est Holly Quinn, pleasure ta meetcha! I am sixteen years old and way excited to meet you all! I LIKE BOMBS AND SPANDEX SO YAAAY!------------------------------------------------------------
Hey, ah, my name's Lewis, but you can call me Lewie if you want. Or not. Your call. Anyways, I'm 17 going on 18 soon. I'm planning on being engineer one day and maybe continue living a normal life, though that seems unlikely with friends like mine.Well, guess it can't be helped, huh?
Well you can meet the rest of us later.
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