Hello there. My name is Jen Crane and that is all I will tell you, due to the fact that it is taboo to give away all one's identities in one encounter. It's nice to meet you, I suppose.
Hey! My name's Johnny Crane, 'm seventeen, I dig basketball and I'm the man with the plan. Nice to meet you guys, especially you ladies~
Hi! My name's Emily Nygma, fifteen, and probably the most becoming girl you've seen. Don't let my angel face fool you, however, I am far too intelligent for meaningless nonesense, unless of course it happens to interest me. Charmed to meet you.
Bonjour! Mon nom est Holly Quinn, pleasure ta meetcha! I am sixteen years old and way excited to meet you all! I LIKE BOMBS AND SPANDEX SO YAAAY!------------------------------------------------------------
Hey, ah, my name's Lewis, but you can call me Lewie if you want. Or not. Your call. Anyways, I'm 17 going on 18 soon. I'm planning on being engineer one day and maybe continue living a normal life, though that seems unlikely with friends like mine.Well, guess it can't be helped, huh?
Well you can meet the rest of us later.
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“Yeah, let’s scat.” Holly giggled after placing her cards in a type of heart shape which she blew a kiss to as the two of them made their way back from their project. Holly prepared to drop a box down on the pattern of explosives, but a flying black band came in hot on the box before it could make contact. The disruption caused the box to detonate and send both Holly and Harry sliding back. “Crap on a creakin’ cracker!” Holly cursed, swinging her head back to see who had ruined their fun. Who else but the Fat Bat and his chicken. The girl sneered at Batman and Robin who stood at the edge of a building next to their place.

Harry stood up, not particularly afraid to put the bat in his place, “What the fuck you overgrown rat with wings! You coulda’ hurt someone!” Harry took a step back, noticing Robin coming near him, “What? Ya think ya got what it takes ta’ take on Harley’s nephew? Try again you pathetic excuse fer an acrobat!” 
“Hey I’m pretty good,”
“Yeah, but not really as great as my aunt er’ my ma.”
“Now that’s a-little harsh,”
“Yeah well I’m kinda a super villain so-” before Harry could continue on he felt a smack in the back of his head, he didn’t know who it was, but it was obvious they wanted him to get on with it. He took a step back, picking up a baseball bat from one of the bushes since they were right next to a park and started toward Robin, making him think he was doing a flip over his head, and pushed in the bird-brains face in, “Now don’t ya eva’ hurt my family again,” he threw the bat somewhere else and straightened up his jacket.

Holly smiled widely at Harry’s words. How she loved them fightin’ words! Unwrapping her ball a chain from her chest, she swung it, eyes unusually steady and full of focus. Her advance on their opponents was swift, though she had to weave out the way of her cousin and his show down with Robin. Taking a great leap she cracked the chain down toward Batman’s head. However to her dismay, he easily evaded her attack and made a grab for her arm.
Touche pas à mon pote!” She cried, jerking her body upward to curl around his arm and connect a foot to the side of his cowl. Of course this didn’t effect him all that much, but it did cause him to release his hold on her. Sliding against the concrete ground, Holly growled. She hated interference from goody two shoes.







“Oh…” He wished there was something he could do to help. “Well if you ever need anything, to talk, or get away or something…” He started, tucking the whittled away stump of a pencil from behind his ear and grabbed a napkin from the table, writing down a number. He then handed the napkin to her with a small grin. “I’m only ten digits away.” And he would help her anyway he could, because out of everyone in the room, he felt like he connected to her the most.   

Holly smiled at him. She was glad someone wanted to help her. She took the napkin. “Thanks, Kevin.” Holly really did like Kevin but she knew he would never see her the way she sees him.

He smiled at her, eyes lingering on her face. He liked her. A lot and he hoped that one day he could help her be free of everything as well as to make her feel wanted. Taking a sip of his punch he set it down and offered a hand to her. “There’s one last thing I ask of you,” He stated. “Would you like to dance?”

Holly didn’t know what to do. She was glad that he asked her. Even though she didn’t even know how to dance. She smiled at him and took his hand. “Sure. But I-I don’t know how to dance.”

“Neither do I.” He admitted. The best he could do was shake like Shakira, only the effect would leave others in fits of laughter rather than mystification. “But I won’t do good if you don’t.” He cracked, pulling her onto the floor.

Holly laughed. “I guess we will both look crazy.” Holly put her arms on his shoulders. “Is this okay?”

"Of course, it’s okay. It’s more than that actually…" He paused grinning down at her. "Perfect."


Roy glared in response to Johnny. In his mind, it was annoying and torturous of the Anons to constantly be bothering him. “I don’t care if they think I’m interesting. I don’t want them getting their grimy hands all over me!”

Johnny frowned, giving up trying to turn this situation into a good thing. He stuck a hand into his pocket and pulled his revolver, letting it spin on his finger. “Then get rid of them.” He said simply. It was the only way he knew how to terminate an annoyance.